Canadian Government Selects Over 800 Settlement and Integration Projects to Fund in the Next Five Years

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has announced that over 800 settlement and integration projects have been selected to receive federal funding for the next five years in Canada. The projects will span the entire country, and will help newcomers fully participate in social, cultural, civic and economic life in Canada upon arrival.

In February 2019, the IRCC made a call for proposals that would be considered for funding.. A selection of 824 projects have now been revealed, that will be providing support services to newcomers across the country.

What Services Will Be Offered?
These nationwide projects, expected to begin in April 2020, will provide services focused on providing:

Information and orientation
Helping immigrants learn about and integrate into their new home, as well as connecting them to more resources.

Language training and skills development
Providing language and relevant skills training to newcomers in both of Canada’s official languages. Flexible courses will be available online, in-person, and in the workplace.

Employment-based services
Equipping newcomers with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the Canadian workforce. These projects will include connecting them directly with private sector organizations and partners.

Community connections
Helping immigrants make connections with their local communities. Services will be offered to French-speaking newcomers who have immigrated to a Francophone minority community.

Continued Support for Newcomer Services
The Canadian Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, said it best, “Canada is a recognized international leader in settlement and integration. We firmly believe that when we invest in helping newcomers learn the language, find employment, and build a successful life, all of Canada benefits.”

The immigration projects announced today are just part of Canada’s continued dedication to improving and growing its newcomer services. Last year, the government announced that a total of $1 billion CAD would be going towards helping immigrants adapt to Canadian life.

With Canada’s plan to admit 1 million newcomers in the next three years, now is the perfect time to start your immigration process!